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E-design services offer a convenient and affordable way to transform any space in your home. Whether you're looking for a complete room redesign or just need some guidance on selecting the perfect furniture and decor, I can help you achieve your vision.

Our virtual e-design services are available to anyone no matter where you live. I currently have clients in Austin, Boston, Calistoga and Denver. This options is ideal for you if you work well via email and FaceTime and are comfortable purchasing products online. 

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After you purchase your E-Design package, you will be directed to fill out a form with details regarding your project. You will be contacted to schedule an in-depth design consultation which will take place over the phone. In preparation for the phone consultation, we will ask you to provide measurements and photos of your existing space, as well as 2-3 inspiration images for your project. During your call, a we will go over your needs in detail and make sure we are all on the same page. Depending on the scope of your e-design project, we can work with existing furniture already in your space or come up with a completely new space. Following the in-depth phone call, the design phase will begin! When the design work is completed you will receive the end deliverable for your e-design project outlined in the package you have chosen.

For more information, our E-Design Guide is helpful to take you through the process.

How does our E-Design service work?

Below are standard e-design packages we offer. Feel free to select the packages below that suit your needs or contact me here to tell us about your specific project.

Virtual Consultation  $275

Not sure exactly how or where to get started on your project?  Maybe you just need guidance to make some final decisions. Or maybe you just have a design question that needs a professional's opinion.  Our 1-2 hour consultation is a no-strings-attached way to get any kind of design advice with out the commitment of purchasing a design package. You can ask us any design related question one-on-one and we will be there to help you. Let's chat today!​


Color Refresh $299

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Selecting the right paint colors for your space can be a challenge! Let our designer point you in the right direction with a Color Refresh. We’ll help you choose a color scheme and specify which paints to use on walls, ceilings, moldings, and even furniture or cabinets. We always prefer to specify Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams paints, but can accommodate other brands if you prefer. 

Included in this Package:

  • 1 hour remote consultation (phone or video chat)

  • 1 mood board with 2 color scheme options

  • Paint Schedule with explanation of which paint colors go on which surfaces


Finish Selection Package $495

If you are looking to create a brand new feeling in your space without the expense of a full redesign, the Finish Refresh is for you. We will suggest an entire array of new finishes depending on your needs -from wall color, flooring, carpets, & countertops, just to name a few.  All with the idea of updating  and refreshing the mood of your room. 

Included in this Package:

  • 1 hour remote consultation (phone or video)

  • 1 mood board with finish suggestions -can include paint, flooring, countertops, furniture finishes, and other textures & materials

  • 1 mood board revision

  • List of suggested finishes


This package includes one round of revisions. If additional revisions are required, time will be billed at the rate of $100 an hour. Have questions about one of our e-design packages? Not sure if one of our e-design packages will meet your needs? We are confident we can help! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us through our contact forms and we’ll be in touch soon to discuss your specific needs for your space.

Curated Design Board Large Room Packages $1935


This elevated package will take you from start to finish for your larger room.

Included in your package is:  

  •  1 hour remote consultation (phone or video chat)

  • 2 Concept Boards for you to choose from.  (Option to make 1 change on selected design)

  • 1 detailed floor plan with measurements and product placements included. (Option to make 1 revision on the floor plan.)

  • A detailed List of Retail products (with links) so you can purchase products on your own.


In order to begin, we will need you to: Complete the design questionnaire, Provide Photographs of your space, and Provide Measurements of your space. This package does NOT include the cost of any product that you decide to purchase.

Additionally - all e-design clients get 15% off trade only items

Bespoke E-DesignPackage $2995 

This E-Design package is the closest you can get to the full Interior Design Experience, without a physical site visit. Our designers will provide you with a beautifully appointed design concept, with unique one-of-a-kind products, and then help you bring this dream to reality by assisting in the purchase and delivery of all the chosen items in your package.  

Included in your package is:    

  • 1 hour remote consultation (phone or video chat)

  • 2 Concept Boards for you to choose from.  Choose the board you like, and have the option to make 2 changes on the board

  • 1 detailed floor plan with measurements and products called out to make it easy for you place and/or install yourself.

  • 2 revisions permitted on the floor plan

  • 2 3D Photo-Renders.  See for yourself what your room will look like when it’s completed

  • Detailed Quote of Designer products with the ability to approve your selected items for purchase.

What we require from you: Complete our design questionnaire, Provide Photographs of your space, and Provide Measurements of your space. This package does NOT include the cost of any product that you decide to purchase.  All purchases must be paid prior to ordering, and may include additional shipping costs.  

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