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Creative and personal designs. Exceptional service.
Helping you to create lasting impressions that you will love.

Featured Projects

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Pelican Beach Lane

Big Trail

Hildene Way

My Story

I fell into interior design in a pretty unique way! I graduated from college with a communications degree and moved to Los Angeles in my late twenties to be in "the industry." I found myself working at a production company for various HGTV design shows as well as a deli and a special events company in order to make ends meet.


After getting married, having 3 children and moving back to my hometown of Houston, TX, I was constantly updating my home, as well as the homes of my friends and family members.  I was creating furniture, accessories and clothing to satisfy my need for creativity. After designing several homes in my late thirties, I decided it was time to create my own company.  Thus, BeylaBlue Designs was born, named after my three year old daughter who was born with blue eyes. Exactly one month later, her eyes turned green, but BeylaGreen did not quite sound right!


I founded BeylaBlue in 2011, because I realized how important it is to feel beauty and comfort in your own space.  I can help you bring to life who you visualize you and your family to be, and how you want to bring it through to your home – so that when people walk through your door, they can see the essence of who you really are.  I excel at understanding my client's personal style and executing their design in a way that feels fresh, unique, warm and inviting.


My own personal design aesthetic is very eclectic. I love to use neutral backdrops while adding furnishings and accessories that have color and uniqueness. I absolutely adore mixing antiques with a modern flair.​​​​

I look forward to creating your personal style and helping you make

your house into your home.

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